Garpanchkot Eco Tourism Resort- Best Place to Stay


Garpanchkot Eco Tourism Resort-best place to stay in Purulia

It is Located amidst 15 acres of landscaped gardens with the stunning backdrop of Panchet Hill, this new resort at Garpanchkot is just what the weekend travellers of Kolkata were waiting for.

About Garpanchkot

The place, Garpanchkot is a part of nearly 1500 year-old history of the Singh Deo dynasty. The only remains of this kingdom are the temple ruins on the southern Panchet foothills. The temples belong to different architectural styles like ‘Pancharatna, Jor-Bangla and Pirha.

Nearby attractions in Garpanchkot:

The Panchet Dam – one of the largest earthen dams with concrete spillway is a couple of kilometers from the resort. The beautiful 4,232 square mile lake formed due to the dam is a splendid place for a boat ride.

Maithon Dam just 22 kms. from Garpanchkot. This 25 square mile reservoir has also been created by a 4700 m long and 50 m high dam on Barakar River.

Joychandi Hills, Muradi lake or Baranti Lake and its surroundings forests and villages, the Birinchinath Temple, Biharinath Temple and the Biharinath Hill overlooking the temple.

500-year-old Kalyaneswari temple in the bank of Barakar river.

Biharinath Hills is just 22 km from Garpanchkot, there is a newly built resort is waiting for you.

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How do you get to Garpanchkot?

Trains are running from Howrah to Kumardubi. It takes about 4 hours to reach Kumardubi from Howrah. Hired cars and auto rickshaws are available from Kumardubi to Garpanchkot which is 20 km away.You can reach Barakar/Adra/Asansol also by train from Howrah.A Journey of 25 km by road from Adra and 15 km from Barakar via Chirkunda and 34 km. from Asansol via Dishergarh and 65 km from Purulia. 1 Km. from Puapurmore Nearest Railway station – Barakar (E Rly.) Adra (SE Rly.) You can take Black Diamond from Howrah at early morning and reach Barakar within 4 hour 15 mins

Best Time to Visit Garpanchkot

The place is so full of greenery and tranquillity that any time you visit, it’s sure to rejuvenate you.  Temperature is moderate throughout the year. In summer maximum temperature is 45 degree Celsius whereas in winter the minimum temperature is 3 degree Celsius. But real beauty comes with the rain! The greenery becomes even greener and the clouds come rolling down the hills to make the place look like a dreamland. Another time nature celebrates in this place, its the spring. Palash, simul blossoms and sprinkle all around to play Holi!

Our Resort

We have Two premises, main premises consists of Restaurant,Swimming pool, Open Lawn,Children’s Play Area & Double /Four bed rooms in Building.

Another premises consists of Two Family Cottages, Five Mini Cottages & Four Suites with small waterbody.


Main Premises-

  • 12 nos.Deluxe Double Bed Room-Rs.4000+ GST-DOUBLE SHARING
  • 8 nos.Four Bed Room-Rs.5000+GST-FOUR SHARING

Side Premises-

  • 5 nos. Mini Cottage-Rs.4000+GST-DOUBLE SHARING
  •  2 nos.Cottage-Rs.4500+GST-DOUBLE SHARING
  • 4 nos.Suits-Rs.5000+GST-DOUBLE SHARING
  • Breakfast is included
  • Extra person with Breakfast Rs.750+12%
  • Driver Stay with breakfast @Rs.750+12%