Drive to Garh Salboni for your next weekend vacation

Garh Salboni in Jhargram is the lesser-known tourist destination in Bengal is ideal for a short and peaceful weekend vacation from Kolkata. Garh Salboni is located in between Jhargram & Lodhasuli. Beyond the Gangetic plains of Bengal, Jhargram offers the most exotic undulating topography culminating in hill ranges of Belpahari, Kankrajhor in the North to the serene and meandering Subarnarekha River in the South.

Garh Salboni Kuheli Homestay

Kuheli Homestay is located inside forest of 26 bighas of land, go for a walk through avenues lined with sal, piyalsegun, Mahul, Cashew and eucalyptus trees, to Jangalmahal. We have 130 years of British made bungalow with 4 brand new cottages.

It is a favorite destination for people who love forests. The ancient temples, royal palaces, cultural feats of folk music and tribal dance, makes it an extremely attractive destination for tourists who enjoy discovering the unknown and unaffected beauty of nature in this area.

Tranquility and serenity are the keys to the forest experience here. The fragrance of the mohua may intoxicate you more than a peg of an alcoholic beverage. Silence reigns, but as you tread the path, the murmur of dry leaves under your feet will announce the arrival of visitors.

Garh Salboni Kuheli Homestay

How to Reach Garh Salboni

You can avail Ispat Express from Howrah Station. After crossing Kharagpur, you need to get off at Jhargram Station. From there, you can take a bus to reach Garh Salboni forest (10 km away). Alternatively, you can travel by car from Kolkata. The distance is around 170 km and it takes about three hours. After crossing Kharagpur, you have to drive for another 35 km on Bombay Road to reach Lodhasuli Crossing, from where you have to drive for another five km to reach Garshalboni Forest.

Nearby Places in Garh Salboni

Garshalboni is the perfect place to walk around and enjoy the pristine nature. Sitting on a rock in the midst of the river Dulug and watching migratory birds is a lifetime experience. You will find like minded weekenders sitting on the huge rocks and reading books.

  • Jhargram Raj Palace This Palace is the current residence of the Malla Dev Royal family. Situated in Jhargram district, West Bengal, it is a structure combining the Italian and Islamic architecture model.
  • Lodhasuli Forest
  • Kanak Durga Temple and Chilkigarh Raj Palace 
  • Belpahari and Kankrajhor Forest

Garh Salboni Kuheli Homestay

Where to Stay in Garh Salboni

We have 130 years old heritage British House with 3 rooms with western toilet, geyser & TV, we have another newly built 4 cottage rooms just beside this bungalow.

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NON-AC- Rs.1750 per head per day with all meals 

AC- Rs.1950 per head per day with all meals (1 four bed & 1 double bed in Bungalow and 1 four bed in Cottage)