Matha Resort-Mathaburu(hills),Ajodhya Pahar,Purulia

Matha is a Village in Bagmundi Block in Purulia, Matha Buru (Matha hills) is commonly known for its esthetic beauty. Annual ‘Mela’ is originated on the hill by tribal community. Many nature camp and Rock Climbing courses are conducted by different organization mostly during winter season. Matha Resort is the best place to stay in Mathaburu area.

Nearby attractions of Matha: Matha Resort Purulia

Pakhi Pahar is one of the prime attraction from here.

Pardi dam, Ajodhya Hills,Turga u0026amp; Bamni Falls etc

How to reach Matha: 

Nearest rail head is Barbhum, 41km from main town Purulia u0026amp; 288 km from Kolkata

About Purulia District-

Purulia is a land of natural beauty. The lush green landscape, verdant hills and dense forests make it a perfect tourist destination that gives a rustic ambience and peaceful surroundings to weary city dwellers. This westernmost district of West Bengal is part of the Chotonagpur plateau which unravels her untapped mystery and wondrous beauty. The landscape is rocky and undulating. The tourism of Purulia attractions center around its hills, forests as well as its archaeological excavations and the relics of ancient buildings and temples. Tribal ethos enriches the mystic charm and natural beauty of this land of red soil and red blooms of Palash. The region is home to different tribal communities like Santhals, Kurmis, Kherias-Sabars to name a few. Song and dance are an intrinsic part in the lives of the tribal people.

Matha Resort Purulia

Pakhi Pahar

The Bird’s Hill or ‘Pakhi Pahar’ draws rock climbing enthusiasts. The hill has been painstakingly sculpted by a group of artists to create about 65 birds and is worth a visit. One can also witness the scenic beauty of Pardi Dam which is about 12 kms from Charida.


Matha Resort

  • 06 nos.AC Deluxe Triple Sharing Bed Rooms-Rs.4500/- with Breakfast
  • 09 Nos.AC Deluxe Double Sharing Swiss Tents-Rs.4500/- with Breakfast