Bishnupur Tour-heritage temple town in Bengal,Bankura

Bishnupur is a small heritage town in Bankura district of West Bengal, it is located 132 km from Kolkata. Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples and Baluchari sarees.Famous pyramid-shaped Rasmancha, established around 1600,Madan Mohan Temple is decorated with scenes from Hindu legends,including the “Mahabharata”. Explore Bankura Bishnupur Mukutmanipur Tour Package with The Weekender.

The town has a glorious past that is reflected in its rich architecture, music and handicrafts such as pottery and weaving. It prospered in the 17th and early 18th centuries. Ruled by a line of Hindu Rajas of the Malla dynasty, Bishnupur developed a unique form of architecture and has perhaps the most brilliant and detailed terracotta work in Eastern India that has withstood the ravages of time.Just read our Bankura Bishnupur travel guide thoroughly.

Places to visit in Bishnupur & Bankura-

Rasmancha- built in 1587 AD. This is not a place of worship for any particular deity. All the images/idols of the gods of Bishnupur temple were assembled in the Ras-Manch during the yearly Ras festival. The pyramid-esque makeup of the Ras-Manch is unique in Bengal.

Jorebangla Temple-Jor-Bangla was built by Raghunath Singha II in 1655 AD. The roof of the temple is typical of the “Chala” style. A small tower adds strength and stability to the twin sloped roofs.

Shyam Rai Temple-This is Shyama-Raya Temple also locally admired as Panch Chura Temple. This temple is the most excellent instance of the ‘Pancha-Ratna’ type. One of the prides of Bishnupur in terms of its architectural model.

Other Bishnupur Bankura tourist spots Dalmadal Kaman, Gate of Old Fort, Sarbamangala Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Bishnupur Museum, Maa Chinnamasta Temple and Lalgarh Eco Park.

Gangani- is popular for its versatile land structures, it’s called Grand Canyon of Bengal. . Gangani is located on the bank of river Silabati at Garbeta,West Bengal. Here red soil make high ridge by the erosion of air and water. Basically its a popular picnic spot among locals. This is turning to a popular weekend destinations among weekenders.

Joypur Forest-it is the thick forest full of Sal,Palash,Kusum,Mahua,Neem & Teak Trees.The forest is not only famous for visual pleasure, but chirping of many tropical birds will soothe your ears too.The main habitats of this wildlife sanctuary are Spotted deer,Wild fox & Elephants.

Mukutmanipur-Nestling at the confluence of two beautiful rivers – Kumari and Kansavati, Mukutmanipur is located in Bankura district of West Bengal. It is the second biggest earthen dam of India flawlessly. Burraghutu is a small tribal village in hilltop of Mukutmanipur,Bankura with spectacular view of river Kangsabati.

Arts, Crafts and Festivals of Bishnupur-

Terracotta & Pottery-Bengal is proud of her ancient terracotta art. Highly decorated terracotta tiles of the past centuries still adorns numerous temples and adjoining structures in the districts of Bankura.

Lost Game-Dash Avatar Taas (cards)-Dash Avatar Taash’ played by Malla Rajas. Contrary to usual 52 no. of parlaying cards, 120 no. of ‘Dash Avatar’ playing cards is required.

Baluchari Saree-Originally woven in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal, and today in Bishnupur, balucharis are rich silk sarees characterized by intricate weaving in the pallav and borders, depicting stories from epics, historical and religious texts.

Lantern Making-Lantern making in Bishnupur is yet another interesting cottage industry. In the past in 1907, lantern making in Bishnupur was initiated by Raycharan Gorai of Dhaladwar. Lantern of Bishnupur is famous for its cultural style and quality.

Jhapan-snake festival of Bishnupur-Jhapan is celebrated as the day of Goddess Mansha, the deity of serpents, in West Bengal. 

How to Reach Bishnupur-

Local buses run in Kolkata, and the nearest bus stand to Bishnupur is in Panagarh which is 46 km away. An alternative option is available, as you can deboard at Durgapur Bus stand which is 48 km away fromBishnupur. You have to hire a taxi from these bus stands to reach to the city of Bishnupur.

Easiest route is via Dankuni——-Champadanga——- Arambagh——- Kotulpur——-Joypur forest.

Howrah to Bishnupur Trains
TrainTrain NameFromDep.ToArr.TravelMTWTFSS
22861RAJYA RANI EXPSHM6.25VSU10.033.38YxxxYYx
 Bishnupur to Howrah Trains
TrainTrain NameFromDep.ToArr.TravelMTWTFSS
22862RAJYA RANI EXPVSU13.04SHM17.054.01YxxxYYx

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Unique Resort in Bishnupur-

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Bishnupur Garden Resort

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Temple Town Bankura Bishnupur Tour Packages with Kamarpukur, Joyrambati & Magical Mukutmanipur Tour Packages (2 nights & 3 days)

Day 1 Visiting Gangani,Kamarpukur,Joyrambati

In the morning start your Bishnupur Tour Packages from Bishnupur and we will pick you up from Bishnupur Railway Station and shifted to the hotel in Bishnupur. After breakfast visiting Gangani in Garbeta-the grand canyon in Bengal (will take 1 hr.) afterthat will move Kamarpukur & Joyrambati-two of the most iconic places of West Bengal, Kamarpukur the birthplace of the saint-philosopher Sri Sri Ramakrishna and Joyrambati, the humble village in which the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi was born.,have lunch & visit all the temples (temple will remain close from 11.30am to 3.30pm) Then back to hotel and night stay in Bishnupur.



Places to visit in Kamarpukur
Places to visit in Kamarpukur

Day 2 Full Day Mukutmanipur tour from Bishnupur (80 km about 2hrs.)

In the morning after testy breakfast, we will be going for Mukutmanipur tour, On arrival in Mukutmanipur, we will be visiting Mukutmanipur Dam, Pareshnath Shiv Mandir and in the evening enjoy a sunset in the marvelous Kangsabati River. Then back to Bishnupur and night stay in Hotel.

Day 3 Visiting Temple Town Bishnupur and Transfer to Railway Station

In the morning after a delicious Breakfast, it will be time to take a superb journey to Temple Town Bishnupur. On arrival in Bishnupur, we will be visiting Rasmancha, Jorebangla Temple, Shyam Rai Temple, Dalmadal Kaman, Gate of Old Fort, Sarbamangala Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Bishnupur Museum, Maa Chinnamasta Temple and Lalgarh Eco Park. After that Transfer to Bishnupur Railway Station and we will end Our Bishnupur, Mukutmanipur Tour.

Come & enjoy Bishnupur Tour with us…

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