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Located in the district of Purulia in West Bengal bordering Jharkhand, Ajodhya Pahar (hills) is a part of the extensive Chota Nagpur Plateau dotted with waterfalls, lakes, dense subtropical forests, dams & exotic tribal villages. Ajodhya Guest House is the best place to stay in Baghmundi.

Although blessed with breathtaking beauty, the Ajodhya Pahar region is still untouched by mass tourism. Most of the hills in this region have an average altitude of around 1800 feet, the highest being Gorgaburu at 2800 feet.

About Ajodhya Pahar-

42km away from Purulia via Sirkabad, Ajodhya is a famous tourist destination. It is a woody mountain with table land on top. Many small streams make their way through the slopes of the hill to meet Subarnarekha on the west and Kangsabati and Kumari from the northern slope.

It’s a good 700 m above sea level, so you can just imagine how pure and beautiful the air up there will be! There are sparkling freshwater streams and springs here, so you know where to set up your tents when you get there! The best activities to indulge in here are rock climbing and mountaineering. Highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Gorgaburu. The nearest populated town is Bagmundi.

Chau Dance

The culture in Purulia concentrates on the traditional folk dance ‘Chau’. Popular among Santhals, Kumars, Mahatos, Kalindis and Sahish communities are the rare masked dancers of chau represents the essentially local culture. The use of beautiful masks and the exclusive style of dance, make-up and colourful costumes have made this dance popular all over the world. Many consider this form to be a kind of martial art because of the physical strength and agility involved in dancing. 

About Ajodhya Guest House-

Our guest house is located just 14km away from Ajodhya Hills.We have in house restaurant also,which serves delicious homely bengali food.

We have 8 DB AC Rooms @ Rs.2000/-with attached toilet.

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