Tea Tours in North Bengal & Assam-Tales of Indian Brew

Five Best Tea Gardens To Stay in West Bengal-Darjeeling u0026amp; Dooars

Tea Tourism is a relatively new concept in the world and Darjeeling u0026amp; Dooars are a taking a lead in this area. And why not? Darjeeling is after all the Mecca of tea and sprawling estates producing what we know as the “Champagne of Teas” to the delight of the world. There are 80 odd operational tea gardens in Darjeeling that span across thousands of acres of land area on open hill slopes. 

So what does tea tourism mean? Imagine you are spending a few days in a sprawling tea garden. You will stay in a Bungalow that was typically the residence of a British tea planter built during the old colonial time. The bungalow retains the antique furnishing u0026amp; aura of the colonial days, and setup amidst lush garden setting within the estate. Food served is usually made of fresh organic produce from the backyard garden. 

Tumsong Chiabari Tea Garden

Tumsong Chiabari,Darjeeling

Located in Ghoom area of Darjeeling, Tumsong has
a rolling tea garden on an estate that spreads over 186 hectars of land area
and on an open hill slope with elevations varying between 5,500 ft to 2,700 ft.
The Manager’s Bungalow retains the old colonial aura and offers four large
suites. Tumsong is about 3 hours from Bagdogra airport / Siliguri, and about 1
hour 15 minutes from Darjeeling town center. 

INR 12000 on EP per Room

Singtom Tea Garden Bungalow,Darjeeling

Built in 1862, Singtom Resort is part of Singtom Tea
Estate, Darjeeling’s oldest tea estate. Located only 20 minutes away
from Darjeeling, Singtom welcomes guests from all over the world to enjoy its
hospitality, heritage and Darjeeling tea. Come and experience tea tourism and
eco-tourism in their purest forms!

INR 7000 on EP per Room

Goomtee Tea Estate Kurseong

Goomtee Tea Estate,Kurseong

Goomtee Tea Garden is located near Kurseong in Darjeeling,district and next to the National Highway (Hill Cart Road) that leads all the
way to Darjeeling hill town. Out of about 225 hectares of gross estate area,
about 50% is used for tea plantation. This is an organic tea garden which means
that no chemicals or pesticides are used in growing the tea bushes.

INR 10000 in EP per Room

Samabeong Heritage Tea Bungalow,Lava

Samabeong Tea Estate, Kalimpong

This Tea Estate rests at the Himalayan foothills near Lava and is one of
the highest organic tea gardens. 1882 when the Estate was established by the

INR 7500 on AP per Room

Nya Sylee tea estate

Nya Sylee Tea
Estate, Madarihat, Dooars

The Nya Sylee tea
estate is 90 kms from Bagdogra airport and it takes approximately two and a
half hours to reach by road.The estate is spread across 775.52 hectares and the
area under plantation is 460.70 hectares. In the midst of this plantation is
the original Directors’ Heritage Bungalow of the British era. It is a century
old well-preserved colonial structure. This bungalow has been a home to
generations of planters, and remains the focal point of Octavius hospitality.

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