Orange Villages in Bengal-Mirik,Sittong,Shelphu,Mangwa

Orange Orchards & Quaint Homestays: North Bengal has more surprises for your winter escape than you know of.


One of the most untouched parts of the Darjeeling Himalayan foothills, Sittong & Shelphu Hills are treasure trove yet to be discovered. This little picturesque Lepcha village lies is a valley crisscrossed by a rivulet (Khola) and guarded by lush green hills. Every house in Sittong has a garden and every garden has orange trees. The whole village turns orange during the winter. Visiting Sitong is like time travelling – there’s a bamboo bridge, a church, some winding village paths skirting through orange orchards and few meandering streams and a rivulet, which the locals love to call Riyang River. The church guesthouse has been renovated with modern facilities to accommodate guests.

During winter the whole village is ornamented with the beauty of blooming oranges. If you are looking for a place where you would get a chance to have some cozy relaxing hours with your loved ones at the top of any hill station then Sitong will be the best choice for you.

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