Tukvar Tea Garden Bungalow & Cottage near Darjeeling

A retreat inside the misty tea garden near Darjeeling..

Tukvar Tea Retreat is located in Pattabong Tea Garden, formerly known as Tukvar Tea Estate, which is just 8 km away from Darjeeling Town towards Lebong Cart Road. This Tea Garden is located on state border of Sikkim. The river Rangeet flows through a portion of the tea garden which does contribute to the rich diversity to the tea estate.

Overlooking the magnificent snow-capped peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga – the world’s third highest mountain range, the Pattabong Tea Estate is located at an altitude of 1500 to 6500 feet msi and spread across 22 kms ending in the snow fed Rangeet river. This garden is one of the biggest tea estate in Darjeeling comprising of 5 divisions located at a stretch of approximately 20 Km from Darjeeling city to Sikkim State border.


How to reach Tukvar/Pattabong-

It is just located near Darjeeling, anybody can visit Darjeeling from here easily, its just 8km from our Tukvar Tea Retreat. Jorethang in Sikkim is just 20km away, Bijanbari is a another small town nearer to Tukvar Tea Retreat.

Nearby attraction & Activities-

Darjeeling is very near to this place, Badamtam-another beautiful tea estate is just few km away from here.

Anybody can visit Bijanbari & Jorethang (Sikkim) from here easily.

Fishing or Angling can be possible in river Rangeet, also day picnic can be arranged in this riverbed.

Mt.Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from Tukvar Tea Retreat in sunny day.

About Tukvar Tea Retreat-

This wooden house is located inside the tea garden with a magnificent view of Mt.Kanchenjunga, we have four rooms, one double bed room in ground floor & three (two double bed & one six bed) in first floor.

Pocket Pinch- Rs.1700 per head per day with Breakfast. 


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