Sikiajhora Forest -"Amazon" of Dooars,Alipurduar

Sikiajhora Forest Resort is most luxurious resort in Eastern Dooars,Alipurduar area

It is a rivulet which meanders through the Buxa Tiger Reserve and enters the plains of Dooars at Panialguri to meet another flamboyant river Bala, which too originates from the Jayanti Hills and Buxa Forest.

Rich in biodiversity, Sikiajhora is home to a healthy population of birds and butterflies. You can also stay in a luxury resort which have come up recently in Sikia Jhora and explore the Eastern fringes of Dooars from here.

Nearby Places in Sikiajhora

Destinations like Chilapata Forest, Jaldapara National Forest, Jayanti, Buxa Duar, Bhutanghat are all within 50 kms of Sikia Jhora and can be covered in day trips.

Our Resort It is surrounded by graceful forests, overlooking the peaceful Himalayan as it meanders into the distance. Nature is the psychical pathway to the ultimate, discovered through the union of body, mind and soul.

How to reach Sikiajhora – Dooars :

The nearest Railway Station of Jayanti  is Alipurduar Junction or New Alipur. From Cooch Behar also Chilapata can be reached. All trains going to Assam have stoppages in either Alipur Junction / New Alipore or New Cooch Behar. From Alipurduar Chilapata  is 40  km and from Cooch Behar is 45 kms. From Siliguri to Chilapata is 177 km. The nearest airport of  Chilapata forest  is Bagdogra Airport ( 188 Km )

  • You can Stay nearby forest resort also-

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