Sundargram-a village homestay near Kolkata

Sundargram,Rajendrapur,29 km from Science City
Sundargram is located in Rajendrapur, a beautiful village just 29 kms from the heart of Kolkata, great place for weekend destination

It is one of the best places to visit and de-stress yourself after a week of hectic work in the office. You wake up to the chirping of birds and watch out from the window of your mud hut to the green horizon of paddy fields dotted with towering coconut trees.Sundargram Homestay is now quite popular as weekend destination from Kolkata.


You stay in mud huts decked with modern facilities but no Televisions. There is a pond where you can wet your feet and enjoy angling with local fishing rods. The local village boy can also teach you how to cast fishing net.

Few things, which have already started vanishing from our complex urban lives like fresh khejurer rash (date juice),shorshe phool (mustard flower), hansher ghar (duck house) can still be seen at Rajendrapur. Rajendrapur village is soon becoming one of the best weekend escapades near Kolkata.

Things to do in Rajendrapur:

  • Take a village walk in the paddy fields and chase the ducks to the puddle.
  • If bird watching is your hobby, then the early mornings of Rajendrapur can yield some nice surprises for you. But the best thing to do in Rajendrapur is to become a part of the village life.
  • You can take long walks taking to the edges of paddy fields,
  • Do some fishing, try out khejur rash (date palm juice) early mornings,
  • Play badminton, bring out eggs from the duck house,
  • Do some campfire in the evenings and simply de-stress your weekend.
  • Family addams during the afternoon and evening in the gazebo with a barbeque can be a unique thing to do during your stay here. Essentially, a stay here is a 2 days of peace in the green.

How to reach Rajendrapur:

If you are going by car, then you have to take Basanti Highway from Science City and take the road turning right before Malancha. All Buses connecting Malancha from Kolkata will take you to Rajendrapur.



We have 10 rooms

  • Rs.2200 for "Akash" , "Batash", "Dhamsa" & "Madol"
  • Rs.4100 for "Dotara" (four bedroom in first fl.)
  • "Andormahal"-Rs.3100/- (it is in first floor cozy double bed room,perfect for couples)
  • "Bodhi"-Rs.5000/- (it is in first floor & (with breakfast for 5 guests, GST included))
  • All rooms with complementary B/F.

Day out/Picnic (10.30am-6.30pm) 

  • For 20 to 25 heads 1 AC room to be provided
  • For 26 to 40 heads 2 AC room to be provided

Standard Picnic Menu

Welcome drink (non alcoholic)
Snacks: Veg Pakora(4 pcs), Chicken Pakora (3 pcs), Green Salad, Papad
Lunch: Rice, Dal, Bhaja, Salad, Sak Bhaja, Kasundi, Mutton or Chicken (4 pcs),Katla Kalia(1pc), Chatni, Papad, Misti
Evening: Tea with biscuits


With above menu @Rs.750/- per head

With Breakfast @Rs.850/- per head (Luchi,Aloo tarkari,Sweet)