Phurun Gaon-a sleepy mountain hamlet in Kalimpong

Phurun Gaon is a unknown sleepy village near Pedong in Kalimpong district. It is almost 4500 ft from sea level.If you love serenity,then it's a perfect place for hide yourself.Phurun Gaon is just 14km from Kalimpong Town.This green little getaway is a favourite among youngsters for reasons more than one. Settled between thick forests & mountains this quaint little village is one of the cheapest quick himalayan getaways.

An unexplored destination,Phurun Gaon is beauty personified. Nestled between the hills of Kalimpong, the village offers a gorgeous view step cultivation surrounded by mountains, it changes it's colour depending on the season.


Mangal Bhutia has a beautiful Homestay in Phurun Gaon, it has 3 triple bed rooms with attached toilets.Homestay is a few steps down the road to the edge of the valley. On a sunny day you can see Mt.Kanchenjunga from here. Only 15 to 20 families are settled in this village. You can find Spotted Deer & Peacock occasionally.The cottage-type houses with slanting tinned roofs having a backdrop of pine forest looks so mystic and picturesque. 

Organic Farming still remains the main source of livelihood here, however over time with growing tourist interest, there is one more opportunity that has popped up for the villagers.

Activities & nearby places in Phurun Gaon

You can go for fishing in nearby Rongli river, it is just 30 Or you can simply go for Village walk.Rishikhola,Pedong,Lava,Tendrabong are the most famous tourist destinations near Phurun Gaon.

How to Reach Phurun Gaon-

From Kalimpong you will reach Algarah in about 40 minutes (15kms) along Rishi Road. Here you need to go to Pedong-Reshi road which goes all the way to Pedong. A narrow winding gravel road bifurcates from the road that leads to Rishikhola, then winds through a forested land offering wonderful glimpses of Kanchenjunga and finally leads up to this dreamy village with only 15 odd families. 


Where to stay in Phurun Gaon-

There is only one Homestay is there, it is run by S Bhutia. They have 15 acres of land where organic farming is there. They have 3 nos. triple bed Cottage.

Pocket Pinch

-Rs.1350 per head per day with all meals.