Kaikhali Farmstay- A Riverside Farm House,Sundarbans

Kaikhali Farmstay-A Riverside Farm House,Sundarbans near Kolkata

Kaikhali is a small land adjoining the confluence where Matla and Nimaniya rivers flow in to the Bay of Bengal, just 85 km from Kolkata.This place has river banks full of mangroves like  Garan, Golappata, Hogla, Sundri, etc. The boat-ride on the Matla is sure a very refreshing experience. Don't miss the beauty of it on a moonlit night or twilight. This place is practically within the Sunderbans area. Some boats take tourists in the depth of the jungle where tigers are claimed to come out.

Kaikhali Farmstay Nearby attraction

If you are staying at Kaikhali Farmstay, Sundarbans trip becomes much easier. They will be arranging everything for you. Otherwise via Van and ferry you can go of your own, will be charged around INR 3000. Sundarban Tiger Reserve forest is the best place to visit nearby.

Sagar Island can also be visited if you have time. Where Ganga Sagar Mela is worldwide famous. River Bidyadhari is surrounded by Mangrove forest in Sundarban is very well known. Those who love to explore the forest must visit the place in Sundarbans.

How to Reach Kaikhali

By Air: The nearest airport Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International  Airport. Once you are landed you can avail a car or train to reach the destination.

By Road: It is just a few kilometres away from Kolkata. Take a drive in 3 hours you can reach Kaikhali Kultuli South 24 Parganas Kaikhali Farmstay.

Our farmhouse is located just beside Matla River. We have 2 AC Rooms (Triple Bed) in our farm.

Pocket Pinch-Rs.1750 per head per day with all meals