Dainthlen Falls Homestay-Cherrapunjee

Set in the backdrop of beautiful landscapes amidst deep gorges and stunning waterfalls is where the Dainthlen Falls Homestay is located in Sohra (which was previously known as Cherrapunjee). Sohra which holds the title of being the second wettest place on earth holds one of the best sightseeing attractions. The hills, gorges, canyons gives a surrealistic beauty to the place, it is a place to discover the Indian summer monsoons, the heavy monsoon rains in this region creates one of the rarest vegetation in the world and is truly a beautiful place for travellers waiting to be explored. There are various sights to visit which are located in the neighbouring area of the Homestay


How to Reach-

About 2 km away from Cherrapunjee, one comes across this fall which is just 5 km away from the road. The splendour of this falls is enhanced by the presence of large number of natural potholes, much bigger in size and dimension than the regular ones on the metallic roads. The view of this waterfall tumbling down from a height of close to 80-90 m is from its source and provides a good opportunity to follow the path all the way to the bottom.

There is a small legend associated with the name of this fall. According to locals, there was a huge demon python by the name of Thlen who was drenched in greed and power. Some brave men caught the animal and destroyed its hood with a huge stone near this fall. Some of the marks present on the stones are still reminiscent of the violent struggle of that snake, say the naysayers. As a result, this fall got this name. The turbulence of this fall gathers a lot of steam during the monsoons compared to the rest of the year.

Nearby Places-

Dainthlen Falls-Among the most popular Sohra waterfalls is the Dainthlen Falls, 1km from the HomeStay. These are a set of mesmerizing waterfalls and among the most visited tourist destination even among the locals as it has an interesting legend associated with it.There are rock carvings and caves nearby and legend has it that a giant snake was once killed near the caves, the snake was a symbol for greed and evil.

Weisawdong Falls-This 3 tier waterfall is a stunning work of nature with beautiful clear waters. Popular among tourists as a spot for trekking that will test your physical ability, the falls are a walking distance from the Home Stay and is best accessible during winters.

Trek to Nongriat and Rainbow Falls-The living root bridges of Meghalaya are probably one of the most unique feats of using nature’s riches for connectivity. While the waterfalls of Meghalaya are considered to be the most beautiful in India, Nongriat is the place which has a combination of both.


Pocket Pinch-

We have 4 Cottages with magnificent view of Dainthlen Falls, Rs.3800 per Room with complimentary Breakfast.